Boutique Wineries in the Judean Hills

Wow!  Memories.... 11 years ago, in the early days of HonestReporting​'s MediaCentral​ project, we took a group of foreign journalists in Israel on a tour of wineries in the Jerusalem hills; Alfred Muller​ interviewed me and created a slide show with photos from the trip - including of me in my backyard vineyard and all of us on my roof balcony, tasting.  Fun times.  With all the negativity (again; still; always it seems) online, I'm happy to bring in Shabbat sharing something a bit more uplifting.  Thanks again, Alfred.  L'chaim!  :-)  Shabbat shalom

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Israel’s Centrist Consensus

Israel’s Centrist Consensus
By Aryeh Green
Israel’s politics are often misconstrued.  “Left” and “Right” don’t mean what you think they do, and the Center is much stronger than usually given credit; it includes figures you’d never expect, and helps keep Israel safe and sane.  We know the sky isn’t falling, that we are not an apartheid society, and that our future as the nation-state of the Jewish people is bright.  Let’s define – and support – the moderate Centrists.
This past week Israel was attacked on multiple fronts, rhetorically.Peter Beinart penned a piece (two in fact) calling for an end to Israel as the nation-state of the people of Israel; Michael Sfard issued a new manifesto hijacking international law to serve his anti-’occupation’ agenda, declaring Israel’s presence in the disputed territories of Judea & Samaria (the ‘west bank’ of the Jordan river)* to be an “apartheid regime” – and suggesting that Israel’s very existence is itself apartheid.And a leader of the American …

Passover is the Jewish people’s real independence day - article in The Forward April 2020

Passover is the Jewish people’s real independence dayThe Forward - April 10, 2020By 
Aryeh Greene The author walks the trail.
Standing on a mountaintop three days north of Eilat, I turned around for the first time. I looked back along the route I’d hiked, with its brown and gold hills and valleys, the shimmer of the Gulf of Eilat and the Red Sea in the distance. I was amazed at how far I’d come — and surprised that it all looked new to me. I’d climbed three different mountains, trudged some 35 miles, ascended and descended thousands of feet along the Israel National Trail, yet I couldn’t recognize any of it from my vantage point at the peak of Maale Amram, just south of Timna. In life, as in hiking, sometimes you have to stop, look back, appreciate how far you’ve come, and get a new perspective on where you have been. With most of us sheltering at home these days, it is a good time for this sort of reflection. For me, it has helped to revisit my 700-mile trek along the Isra…

Together separately - A thought for our Corona Seders

So... I had a bit of an insight, and I recorded it for the family (as we're of course not holding Seder together); happy to share here as well. Listen in a quiet moment between now and Seder night – its only 3 minutes long. I’m going to give it over at our intimate Seder with my wife and two of her daughters.  I haven’t seen or heard the idea anywhere else, so I think it’s pretty original, though I won’t be surprised if somebody else has come out with it recently.  Here's the audio version; below is a text version for those who prefer to read.

We read in parshat Bo (Shmot/Exodus 12:3 - Heb/Eng here) "Speak to the entire assembly of Israel...they shall take for themselves - each man - a lamb or kid for each father's house... for the household." And then in verses 6-7: "...the entire congregation of the assembly of Israel shall slaughter it in the afternoon... take some of the blood and place it on the ... doorposts and on the lintel of the houses in which they…

David Ehrlich: A lover of people

David Ehrlich: A lover of people

(Published as part of a collection of recollections of David by Edgar Keret, Nathan Englander and others by Dina Kraft in The Forward.)

At base, David was a people person.  I think he'd appreciate that phrase; more than a businessman, a writer, a community leader, he cared about humanity - and was interested, even perhaps fascinated, by individual people.  His writings reflect that; his love of the love affairs associated with Tmol Shilshom reflected that; and I think that's what connected us - as 'connectors' of a sort - more than the events we held together.
David so enjoyed my winter birthday gatherings at Tmol that some years he'd call me up after Succot to ask me "Nu, when are we scheduling your birthday?"  (For over 15 years I've sat for a whole day at Tmol Shilshom and spent quality time with friends and family, sort of "holding court" as David once described it.  He was tickled by the concept, and every …

Book Talk at Pomeranz in Jerusalem Dec 8 - 8pm

Pomeranz Bookseller, Nefesh B’Nefesh, and Jerusalism are pleased to present:
My Israel Trail:
Finding Peace in the Promised Land

Aryeh Green
Sunday, Dec. 8, 2019 | 8 PM Pomeranz | Be'eri St 5, Jerusalem
Join us for a uniquely moving, fascinating and uplifting talk, based on Aryeh’s book about his hike on the Israel Trail and healing from his divorce.Come share in his trek, as he offers a new perspective on Israel – the land, the country, its history and people – and illuminating insights from the experience.
Accompanied by photos and videos; book available for purchase at the event.
Natan Sharansky celebrates Aryeh’s “engaging passion and persistence”; Mayim Bialik calls the book a “fascinating journey” and “beautiful exploration of self and identity”.
After a devastating divorce, which rocked his world and confounded his deeply-held optimism, Aryeh Green’s goal was to get his life back on track.  His hike along Shvil Yisrael, the Israel National Trail, enabled him to do that, long the way…