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Finding Peace in the Promised Land - Book Launch & Speaking Tours

Mayim Bialik: “What a fascinating journey Aryeh presents us with and takes us on. It is a beautiful exploration of self and identity; the movement of his body through Israel echoes the movement of his spirit from loneliness and fear to strength and fulfillment. What a metaphor for so many of our journeys in this life!”  Mayim Bialik, actress (Big Bang Theory, Blossom); author; activist (Grok Nation); neuroscientist. Finding Peace in the Promised Land Lessons for life and love learned on the Israel Trail Aryeh Green, author of My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Promised Land, coming out in May 2018, hiked the entire length and breadth of Israel on Shvil Yisrael – the Israel National Trail – following his divorce.  The lessons he learned on the physical trek, enabling the personal growth to move ahead with his life, and his intimate encounter with the Land and people of Israel along the way, are the uplifting basis of his inspiring talks about his ‘journey’. Aryeh’s success in facing and…

Maybe There Is No “Solution” 1991 Article Re-Printed in JPost 2017

Maybe There Is No “Solution” By Aryeh Green [Plus ca change, as the French say.  It is extraordinary how little things change in this region.  A little over twenty five years ago I penned an op-ed in the Washington Jewish Week about President George H. W. Bush and James Baker's intention to "solve" the 100-year-long Arab rejection of Jews' claim to our homeland.   This was just at the start of the round of Palestinian violence that became known as the "first intifada".  With minor edits this is what was true 25 years ago... and frighteningly still holds true today.  Jared Kushner may be on to something… though he might learn a thing or two from history, rather than ignoring it.]
------ Original Article from 1991 ------
Once again attention is focused on our small strip of land on the Mediterranean.  Talk of various “peace initiatives” is in the air.  Despite the declaration by president Bush [I] that “the time has come to find a solution to the Arab-Israel conf…

A 5-Step Path to Arab-Israel Peace

Published by the Jewish Policy Center May 1, 2017 - Israel's 69th Independence Day
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In early 2014, I hiked the Israel National Trail, a 600-mile trek through the Negev desert, the mountains of the Galil, the hills of Jerusalem, the beaches along the coast and everything in between. A challenge for a 50+ casual hiker just getting over a painful divorce, the Trail afforded an amazing perspective on the history and people, vistas and nature of the holy land. And over the course of the two months of hiking alone, I reached a number of conclusions which not only helped to face the physical difficulties of the hike, and to move ahead with the emotional process of healing; they suggest a radical new approach to finding peace between Arabs and Jews in this region.

My forthcoming book, My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Land of Milk & Honey, describes this transformative hike, and the manner in which I began to recover from the personal trage…

The Emergence of the Jews as a People - Pesach as Israel's National Liberation celebration

The Emergence of the Jews as a People Pesach 5777 By AryehGreen
Published in the Jerusalem Post Pesach Magazine 14 Nissan 5777 (10 April '17)
Hiking Shvil Yisrael, the Israel National Trail, a 600-mile trek through the length and breadth of the country, offers a bit of a different perspective on things.  On life, on the challenges facing us in our little country… and on our history as a people.

Trudging through the desert on one of the first days of my journey on Shvil Yisrael, the Israel National Trail, a few weeks before Pesach in 2014 (5774), I was struck by the incredibly powerful connection I felt with my people, our history, and our land.  Like the Children of Israel wandering through the desert after the Exodus, I was experiencing an exhilarating sense of freedom, taking control of my destiny after a period of intense personal hardship.
Later on, in the North of the country, camping in the forest of Tzipori, where 2000 years ago a vibrant community of 30,000 Jews lived and worked…