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Aryeh on JBS TV - Part 2 (My Israel Trail)

Part Two of the interview on JBS TV, about the book My Israel Trail and re-asserting the legitimacy of Zionism & Israel

JBS TV interview Part 1

Recent interview on the Jewish Broadcasting System’s L’Chayim program (focused more on my family history, relations btwn American Jews & Israel and the like). Enjoy!

Shvil Yisrael & Shmini Atzeret - Walking the Path of Contemplation (JPost Sept. 2018)


Jerusalem Post SHVIL ISRAEL AND SHMINI ATZERET: WALKING THE PATH OF CONTEMPLATION The special relationship between the Jews and God is one of responsibility and action, not privilege and exclusion, and Shmini Atzeret gives expression to, and celebrates, that singular bond.BY ARYEH GREEN  SEPTEMBER 20, 2018 Sunset overlooking the coastal plain in Israel. (photo credit: Courtesy) AFTER HIKING the Israel National Trail – Shvil Yisrael – and writing a book about the experience, I often find people ask, “What was your favorite part?”

“Why not ask which of my children is my favorite?” is my usual answer. Some things in life just aren’t comparable, or aren’t worth measuring in that way. Each day on the Trail was not only unique and amazing, challenging and beautiful, but fascinating and uplifting as well. Just like my children.
Walking the Shvil is indeed an experience – a life-ch…

It's personal: Ari Fuld Z"l

It’s not just news. It’s personal. Some of my Fb friends – especially those who become friends recently because of the book – may not be aware how these events affect us as Israelis and Jews – every one of us. The news itself about the murder of Ari Fuld by a “Palestinian“ Arab terrorist can be found in many places. As can the tributes to this magnificent Jew, Israeli, American, human being. But I want you to know that not only did thousands of Israelis attend the funeral last night — brown, white, black, Jewish, Muslim, and other — but thousands more sat at home glued to the TV or simply sitting alone in pain and grief.
This is not just another terrorist murder; we all feel it. On the one hand, it’s a small country: everyone knew, or knew someone who knew, Ari Fuld. He is our brother, our cousin, our kids’ teacher, the uncle of a friend of our daughter…. The fact that I met Ari a few times is irrelevant. Because on the other hand, on a deeper level, we Jews as a people are a tribe, a …

Full 5-min CBN interview about My Israel Trail - the book, the hike, the lessons learned... with photos & videos!


(Facebook) CBN Interview w/Aryeh July 2018 at Sataf (on the Israel Trail!)


Free book until July 21! (Giveaway/interview/summary)

MY ISRAEL TRAIL BY ARYEH GREEN - BOOK SpoTLIGHT & Giveaway 7/19/2018 About the Book Genre:  Contemporary, Historical, Inspirational, Non-Fic, Memoir, Self-help, Religious
Publisher: Plain Sight/Cedar Fort
Publication date: May 1, 2018

Mayim Bialik calls the book a “fascinating journey” and “beautiful exploration of self and identity”. Natan Sharansky celebrates Aryeh’s “engaging passion and persistence”.
After his devastating divorce, which rocked his world and confounded his deeply-held optimism, Aryeh Green’s goal was to get his life back on track. His hike along The Israel National Trail enabled the discovery of a number of universal truths for living based on Jewish tradition.
In a uniquely moving and uplifting book, Aryeh invites you to join him on his trek, as he shares with you both a new perspective on Israel – the land, the country, its history and people – and illuminati…

Wonderful review! With a summary and interview to boot. :-) Thanks, Sheila...

I am truly humbled by this praise from Sheila, an author, teacher and book reviewer behind the blog "Why Not? Because I Said So". Thank you for walking this trail with me; and when you do come visit Israel, Sheila, I look forward to sharing a glass of wine.... :-) "This book reads like a self-help book, a travelogue, and an adventure book.... I learned many new things about the land and the people of Israel. It made me only want even more to go visit and walk some of the trails that Aryeh did.... This fascinating account of Aryeh Green on his journey of hiking and healing is one I recommend to those seeking answers in life, nature lovers, and those wanting to understand things from a religious perspective." #myisraeltrail

"My Israel Trail" book launch at Mishkenot Shaananim in Jerusalem June 5 '18


Tues June 5th 18:30 Book Launch at Mishkenot Sha'ananim, Jerusalem

Invitation to the Launching

Review of My Israel Trail in Jerusalem Post 24 May 2018

MAY 28 2018
| SIVAN, 14, 5778