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Finding Peace in the Promised Land - Book Launch & Speaking Tours

Mayim Bialik: “What a fascinating journey Aryeh presents us with and takes us on. It is a beautiful exploration of self and identity; the movement of his body through Israel echoes the movement of his spirit from loneliness and fear to strength and fulfillment. What a metaphor for so many of our journeys in this life!”  Mayim Bialik, actress (Big Bang Theory, Blossom); author; activist (Grok Nation); neuroscientist. Finding Peace in the Promised Land Lessons for life and love learned on the Israel Trail Aryeh Green, author of My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Promised Land, coming out in May 2018, hiked the entire length and breadth of Israel on Shvil Yisrael – the Israel National Trail – following his divorce.  The lessons he learned on the physical trek, enabling the personal growth to move ahead with his life, and his intimate encounter with the Land and people of Israel along the way, are the uplifting basis of his inspiring talks about his ‘journey’. Aryeh’s success in facing and…