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An Inaugural Tirade - The War of Words in the Arab-Israeli Conflict

Welcome to my Blog about life in Israel, with comments and analysis from a personal perspective.

Having set it up, I realized I have to post something to launch the thing; yet with my daughter's Bat Mitzvah around the corner and pressing work issues pending, there's little time to compose. So for a first posting, I'm sharing a note I sent the other day to a pro-Palestinian friend. I invite you to peek; I've changed the names and affiliations to protect the guilty. :-)


Dear ----:

In light of and following our meeting and conversations, I’m glad to be on your email list and to read your reflections. A mild reproach, permit me, on this latest one calling for prosecution of Arnon Sofer for "incitement" in an interview where he talked about killing Palestinians:

Sofer (irrespective of whether I agree with his analysis) writes, in the context of a prediction regarding what may or will happen following disengagement from Gaza, that there will be a “terrible…