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Maybe There Is No “Solution” 1991 Article Re-Printed in JPost 2017

Maybe There Is No “Solution” By Aryeh Green [Plus ca change, as the French say.  It is extraordinary how little things change in this region.  A little over twenty five years ago I penned an op-ed in the Washington Jewish Week about President George H. W. Bush and James Baker's intention to "solve" the 100-year-long Arab rejection of Jews' claim to our homeland.   This was just at the start of the round of Palestinian violence that became known as the "first intifada".  With minor edits this is what was true 25 years ago... and frighteningly still holds true today.  Jared Kushner may be on to something… though he might learn a thing or two from history, rather than ignoring it.]
------ Original Article from 1991 ------
Once again attention is focused on our small strip of land on the Mediterranean.  Talk of various “peace initiatives” is in the air.  Despite the declaration by president Bush [I] that “the time has come to find a solution to the Arab-Israel conf…