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Aryeh Speaking Tours 2017 - 5 Steps to Arab-Israel Peace

5 Steps on the Path to Arab-Israel Peace Guidance for the new administration… and generation Aryeh Green, author of the forthcoming book My Israel Trail: Finding Peace in the Land of Milk and Honey, hiked the entire length and breadth of Israel on Shvil Yisrael – the Israel National Trail – following his divorce.  The lessons he learned on the physical trek, enabling the personal growth to move ahead with his life, have fascinating implications for the conflict in the Middle East.
Offering an inspiring and uplifting perspective on the history and reality on the ground in the region, Aryeh presents a path for reaching real peace between Arab and Jew, breaking through the propaganda and misplaced assumptions guiding efforts to date.  His radical approach to facing and meeting personal challenges – from an excruciatingly steep ascent to the excruciating loneliness of the trek and of life after divorce – when applied to the Arab-Israel dispute is powerful, captivating and far-reaching. This e…