Free Freedom!

Below is a clarion call, from a grassroots level, to rise up against the plague of terror enveloping the world today. Everyone who really cares for a peaceful world should sign up.

Once again, it seems clear: no peace in the Middle East is possible until all of Israel's neighbors live in free, open, tolerant societies; only democracy can bring real peace and security to Israel and the region. Those who trumpet the call to "Free Palestine" are correct: we need to free Palestine and the Palestinians, not from Israeli control but from the dictatorial and repressive leaders and terrorist regimes which retard their progress and prevent peace from emerging.

Only then will we be able to help - yes, even encourage - a Palestinian state to be born, living alongside Israel in harmony. Ditto a free and open, democratic Lebanon... and Jordan... and Egypt... and even, yes, Syria (see the Reform Party of Syria at

We must use all our power - not military force - to support the real democracy activists in these societies, including financial assistance to these "dissidents" and linking all our relations, trade, economic aid, even recognition, to the extent of freedom in these societies. See Natan Sharansky's "The Case for Democracy" for more details.


Dear Friends,

This is not an advertising campaign or a sales pitch; it is a genuine call for involvement in what may help change the world we live in.

The war in the north of Israel may be on hold, but it's far from over. Fundamental Terrorism is raising its head with statements of victory.

It is here on our border today, it will be in your home-towns tomorrow, and may be in your back yard next week. Just as the world got together in a concerted effort to fight "Avian Plague" and the "Mad Cow Disease" and won, it is up to us to fight the next biggest plague that infests the world – Terrorism.

Blind to race, creed, religion, age, political beliefs or location it hits hard and painful.

If you don't take your freedom for granted ACT NOW:

Let us be responsible citizens of the world, and free the world from Terror - take your future into your own hands, enter and respond.

Ehud Segev, brother of Nimrod Segev, who fell in battle against Hizballah on August 9, 2006


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